Visa-free Travel Entry to Belarus

Visa-free Travel Entry to Belarus

As of February 12 2017, citizens of 80 countries can visit Belarus without requiring a VISA for short visits up to 5 days. Click here to check if your country is included within this list.


According to the Decree of the President of Belarus No. 8 "On the establishment of a visa-free entry and exit procedure for foreign citizens" from 12.02.2017, the visa-free entry procedure in Belarus for a period of not more than 5 days is established for citizens of 80 states.

However, all visitors must follow the rules of crossing the state border.

Entry in the visa-free regime should be carried out only through the checkpoint "National Airport Minsk", with you must have:

  1. a valid passport or other document substituting it, intended for traveling abroad, with a validity period of at least three months from the date of departure of Belarus (ID-cards are not accepted);
  2. money: for each day of stay, the amount in currency or Belarusian rubles is required, equivalent to at least two basic values (currently about 23 euros, however we recommend to specify the exact amount immediately before entering);
  3. a medical insurance policy for at least 10 thousand euros, which is valid in Belarus. It is possible to buy insurance policy at the airport before passport control.
    Note: you should have policy on paper, insurance policy in electronic form is not accepted.

For citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa, a mandatory additional requirement is the presence in the document for traveling abroad of a valid multiple entry visa of the states of the European Union or the Schengen area with a mark on entry into their territory, with the confirmation in them of departure from the National Airport "Minsk" within 5 days from the date of entry into Belarus.

The established order of visa-free travel does not apply:

  • for persons arriving to Belarus by flights from the Russian Federation, as well as intending to fly to the airports of the Russian Federation (these flights are internal, border control is not carried out on them);
  • on foreigners carrying out official trips: diplomatic, official, special and other passports equivalent to them will not be taken into account.

If you have any questions about visiting Belarus or you need a help with obtaining VISA, please feel free to ask us by this email: